If you have not attended training for some time, after a long break, do not rush to increase the load. In order not to harm your health, you should properly organize the training process, tune in to work and not expect quick results. And for this it is necessary to follow certain rules and recommendations.

Make sure that you can already start training

If you were forced to give up physical exercises for health reasons, before you start exercising after a long break, make sure that you are strong enough and it will not harm your body. You may need a comprehensive medical examination to make sure there are no contraindications.

It is not necessary to start classes if it can worsen your well-being. It is possible that after 1-2 weeks you will still have to give up fitness due to an exacerbation of a previously diagnosed disease.


As a rule, when you need to start training after a long break, many people want to get results quickly and neglect rest. But recovery is an integral part of the training process. In this regard, it is necessary:

sleep at least 8 hours a day;

observe the drinking regime;

eat a balanced diet and consume enough protein;

take a warm bath to relax and accelerate metabolic processes;

do a massage to increase blood circulation;

supplement the diet with trace elements (including through special additives).

Moderate loads

The body will need time to adapt and develop endurance. In this regard, you should not rush to increase the intensity of the training, which can lead to serious consequences. And it is better to refrain from working with large weights to avoid injury. For example, if you previously pressed a 70 kg barbell from your chest, start with at least 30 kg.


If we are talking about a group fitness program, when exercises are performed in a high pulse zone, limit the time of the class. As practice shows, it is better to start such training after a long break from 25-30 minutes.

Tune in to work

The longer the pause, the harder it will be to achieve your last strength indicators. At the same time, it is important how long you have been doing sports. You should start training after a long break with the awareness that the first results may not appear very soon. Otherwise, the motivational component will disappear and you will quickly drop classes.

First of all, this is relevant for inexperienced athletes who have poorly developed muscle memory. They need much more time and effort to build muscle mass and improve endurance performance.

Don’t overdo it

Returning to the sport after a break should be smooth and gradual. Not recommended:

practice 2 times a day to achieve maximum effect faster;

go to the gym every day or 6-7 days a week without breaks and weekends;

abuse pre-workouts for stimulation, which can negatively affect the state of health;

train for more than 60 minutes.