Buy a rowing simulator to prepare for summer competitions

Rowing is one of the most exciting competitive sports. Its varieties – academic rowing and canoeing – are also developing in Belarus. Our athletes regularly participate in competitions all over the world.

The Belarusian climate is not suitable for training on the water all year round. In winter, when the water freezes, athletes must find a way to maintain physical fitness. After all, various international and national rowing competitions are held in spring and summer. Among the important events of the republican scale are the Cup of Belarus and the Championship of the Republic of Belarus in Brest. The most famous international competitions are the European Rowing and Canoeing Championships 2018 (this year it was held in Belgrade, Serbia), as well as the European Junior Championships (Auronzo, Italy).

A rowing simulator helps to prepare for competitions in the cold season.

Why do we need rowing simulators?

A rowing simulator.

This is a device that simulates rowing – what could be better for a professional? When practicing on this unique simulator, almost all muscles work: it loads the press, back, arms, legs, body muscles, etc. Therefore, it is easy for an athlete to keep fit.

Why is a rowing simulator so convenient for training?

It’s a cardio machine, but it loads your hands. When practicing on other cardio machines, mainly the legs work (exercise bike, ellipsoid, stepper). Arm muscle training is especially important for a rower.

This is also a strength trainer. It can be used for training on the development of strength and muscle growth.

This is one of the safest simulators, which has no contraindications. An athlete can train without the risk of injury: the device is designed so that classes are as safe as possible.

Sizes. Despite the rather long base, the rowing simulator remains quite compact. It can be installed not only at the training base, but also in a regular gym and even at home.