Sports activities in the gym have a lot of advantages: they are held in the most comfortable conditions, at any time of the year, regardless of the weather and air temperature. But recently, training on the street in Moscow has become particularly popular. This direction has more and more fans every year who have abandoned the usual gyms in favor of the sky, sun and air.

Vitamin D

Muscle pain, weakness, constant thirst and apathy are not a complete list of symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. To make up for it, it is not enough to revise your daily diet. Exposure to direct ultraviolet rays is necessary, which can be a problem if you walk a little or work indoors.

Outdoor fitness in the open air is a real opportunity to make up for vitamin D deficiency. At the same time, you will feel:

a surge of strength and energy;

improving performance;

reducing fatigue.

New impressions

The modern halls have created ideal conditions for sports. But after a few months, you may get bored with the usual interior and surroundings. You will have to force yourself to come to the next workout every time. And it is possible that because of the routine and lack of new impressions, you will even give up classes.

Fitness in nature is birdsong, sunlight and blue sky above your head instead of the usual ceiling. Such an environment improves the psycho-emotional state, reduces the level of stress and anxiety. And every time you will get new vivid impressions.

Fresh air

Outdoor training contributes to the overall strengthening of the body. It’s all about oxygen, which is enriched with fresh air. Due to this:

the recovery period after heavy loads is shortened;

the quality of sleep improves, nervousness and irritability disappear;

immunity increases, susceptibility to viral diseases decreases;

metabolism is normalized;

metabolism and the rate of fat breakdown are accelerated.


Even if the ventilation of the room is properly organized in the gym, during the period of seasonal increase in the incidence of SARS, there is always a risk of contracting an infection from a sick person. But athletes who prefer outdoor training are less likely to suffer from acute respiratory viral infections.

In an open space, the concentration of viruses is always significantly lower than indoors. This is also facilitated by ultraviolet light, which destroys viruses and bacteria. This means that you will not get sick on the playground, even if there is a sneezing or coughing person with SARS next to you.

A large selection of destinations

Running and walking are not all that is good to do outdoors. On a specially equipped platform, you can work out on simulators, do aerobics, stretching, or even perform crossfit exercises. At the same time, do not forget about the following security measures:

it is better to give up physical activity if you feel bad;

choose the right shoes, taking into account the type of activity and coverage;

before starting the class, listen to a brief safety briefing that the coach should give.