Rules for drawing marking lines and the location of game zones

The central zone. The field area is divided into two halves by means of a central line running from one sidewall to the other. In its center, the middle of the field is marked – a circle with a diameter of three tenths of a meter, and around it is a second circle with a diameter of 18.3 meters.

Goalie zone. A zone for a goal kick is marked on both ends of the court. 5.5 meters are counted from the […]

How does the rowing simulator help athletes?

Buy a rowing simulator to prepare for summer competitions

Rowing is one of the most exciting competitive sports. Its varieties – academic rowing and canoeing – are also developing in Belarus. Our athletes regularly participate in competitions all over the world.

The Belarusian climate is not suitable for training on the water all year round. In winter, when the water freezes, athletes must find a way to maintain physical fitness. After all, various international and national rowing competitions are held in spring […]

5 tips to help make gym classes as effective as possible

If you are an inexperienced athlete and have only recently started attending a fitness club, you will have to work hard to see the first tangible changes. But it’s not enough to mindlessly perform all the well-known and effective exercises. In the gym, it is important to clearly plan the training process, work on the technique, review the diet, adhere to a certain schedule and regularly monitor current progress.

Make a plan

how to make workouts in the gym effective in order […]

5 arguments in favor of street training against the gym


Sports activities in the gym have a lot of advantages: they are held in the most comfortable conditions, at any time of the year, regardless of the weather and air temperature. But recently, training on the street in Moscow has become particularly popular. This direction has more and more fans every year who have abandoned the usual gyms in favor of the sky, sun and air.

Vitamin D

Muscle pain, weakness, constant thirst and apathy are not a complete list of symptoms […]