Are you going to your first workout and don’t know what you need to take with you to the gym? You definitely won’t make a mistake if you stick to a certain list. Then you will not have to suffer from dehydration, get bored and experience discomfort when using simulators.

Sports uniform

The first thing you need to take for training in the gym is a sports uniform. Preference should be given to special clothes in which it is convenient to practice and perform exercises. You will also need a change of shoes – sneakers designed for working in the gym. But it is better to buy a separate pair, so that each time you do not wash the sole after classes on the street.

Water Bottle

During an intensive workout, it is important to quickly replenish fluid loss. It is necessary to prevent dehydration, as this will negatively affect the work of the heart and brain.

To correctly calculate the volume of the bottle, it should be borne in mind that:

when exercising, you need to take 2-3 sips every 15 minutes;

during 1 hour of training, it is important to drink 500 ml of water.

Additionally, you can take a pre-workout complex or BCAA with you. Properly selected sports nutrition will help to achieve the task faster, gain muscle mass, lose weight or increase strength indicators.

What to take with you to the fitness club

Shower shoes

Walking barefoot in a shared shower is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous. You can slip on the wet floor and get seriously injured. And if the sanitary and epidemiological requirements are not met in the club, then you can get infected with a dangerous fungus.

All you need to do to avoid such troubles is to take flip–flops with you. But not for fitness classes, but for visiting the shower. The ideal choice is flip–flops made of polypropylene. This material is easy to clean and dries quickly. But it is important that the sole of the flip-flops is not slippery, which should be made sure when buying.

Shower accessories

Shampoo, gel, washcloth – this is not a complete list of what you can take with you to a workout to comfortably take a shower after fitness. For men, as a rule, a minimum set of cosmetic care products is sufficient. And women often take with them hair balms, styling gels, various creams and nourishing masks.

Accessories and devices

In the fitness room, you can take accessories with you that will help simplify the training process. It’s worth putting in the bag:

headphones to listen to your favorite music while doing exercises;

special gloves that will help avoid the formation of corns;

safety straps for working with large weights;


a device that will help you track your progress during training (fitness bracelet), etc.


Beginners do not know that it is necessary to take 2 towels. The first will come in handy in the shower, and the second in the gym. For safety and hygiene reasons, a towel should be laid on a simulator or a mat before use. But beginners often neglect such a rule of going to the gym.

During intense physical exertion, there is an active release of sweat. And all this remains on the simulator after the previous athlete. Thanks to the towel, you will avoid contact with the other person’s fat secretions, and after you there will be no wet spot on the simulator.