Yoga Kurunta, Iyengar, Hatha Yoga – this is not a complete list of yoga trends that are presented in our club. Given this choice, beginners can not always understand which current to give preference to, so that training brings joy and benefits. So that you can make your choice, we have prepared a short guide to the yoga directions and their differences.


This type of yoga has a lot of advantages. And to evaluate them, it is enough to read the description for beginners. The current got its name in honor of the founder, who ordered and modified more than 200 asanas from Hatha Yoga to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Iyengar Yoga is a unique system aimed at relaxing individual parts of the body through stretching using special supports. Such classes are suitable if you:

do you like static workouts;

are you dissatisfied with your posture and are you often bothered by back pain;

you want to strengthen your muscular corset.

Yoga kurunta


Kurunta is a special style of yoga, the basis of which is a unique method of performing asanas. To do this, ropes are used that are securely attached to the wall. They help to reduce the load on the joints and spine.

If you give preference to this direction of yoga, you will be able to:·

increase the range of motion;

get rid of edema;

strengthen blood flow and improve blood circulation;

normalize the psycho-emotional state;

reduce the likelihood of intervertebral hernias and pinching.