The assortment of our company LLC “Alfasport” has equipment for various types of football. What is the difference? Today we will talk about the differences between mini-football and big football.

Classic football

It is difficult to find a more popular sports game than this: during major competitions, people only talk about football. There are 22 players playing on the field: each team has 11 people, counting the goalkeeper. The field can be natural or artificial, it should have the shape of a rectangle (approximately 100 by 64 meters). We offer to buy football gates at a great price! They correspond to standard sizes (7.32 x 2.44) and will be an excellent addition to any playing field.

Mini football

People of different genders and ages are fond of this game. Mini-football is played at school stadiums, in gyms, on any grounds.

Unlike classic football, there are simpler rules here. There is no limit to the number of substitutions, no offsides, you can play with your whole body (except your hands).

The number of players is more modest: 5 in each team.

Balls for the game are lighter and smaller.

The gates on the site are lower (3×2 meters).

Due to the fact that the field is more compact, the game becomes dense and saturated, so it’s interesting to watch – that’s the reason why mini-football has more and more fans. You can buy mini football gates from us with delivery to the facility.