Rules for drawing marking lines and the location of game zones

The central zone. The field area is divided into two halves by means of a central line running from one sidewall to the other. In its center, the middle of the field is marked – a circle with a diameter of three tenths of a meter, and around it is a second circle with a diameter of 18.3 meters.

Goalie zone. A zone for a goal kick is marked on both ends of the court. 5.5 meters are counted from the […]

Rules for installing a street soccer field

Outdoor soccer: everything you need to know about organizing a street soccer field

If you plan to open an outdoor soccer field for residents of the quarter, students of a regular or specialized school, or to prepare young football players for future victories, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules and recommendations for the arrangement of a sports field. We will tell you about them in this article.

Standards for the size and coverage of a football field

The standard dimensions […]

All about the organization of a tournament ground for firefighting sports

How to organize fire sports competitions: disciplines, equipment and standards

To organize a competitive platform, first of all you need to prepare the right foundation. It should be a platform with artificial turf, if we are talking about stages with running or climbing a tower. But for combat deployment, almost any base is suitable. If relay races are planned, the stadium should initially have a circular track with a total length of 400 meters without a slope along the longitudinal and […]

How does the rowing simulator help athletes?

Buy a rowing simulator to prepare for summer competitions

Rowing is one of the most exciting competitive sports. Its varieties – academic rowing and canoeing – are also developing in Belarus. Our athletes regularly participate in competitions all over the world.

The Belarusian climate is not suitable for training on the water all year round. In winter, when the water freezes, athletes must find a way to maintain physical fitness. After all, various international and national rowing competitions are held in spring […]

How is minifootball different from big football?

The assortment of our company LLC “Alfasport” has equipment for various types of football. What is the difference? Today we will talk about the differences between mini-football and big football.

Classic football

It is difficult to find a more popular sports game than this: during major competitions, people only talk about football. There are 22 players playing on the field: each team has 11 people, counting the goalkeeper. The field can be natural or artificial, it should have the shape of a […]