What kind of yoga suits you: a short guide to the directions in the Premier Sport club

Yoga Kurunta, Iyengar, Hatha Yoga – this is not a complete list of yoga trends that are presented in our club. Given this choice, beginners can not always understand which current to give preference to, so that training brings joy and benefits. So that you can make your choice, we have prepared a short guide to the yoga directions and their differences.


This type of yoga has a lot of advantages. And to evaluate them, it is enough to read the […]

5 tips to help make gym classes as effective as possible

If you are an inexperienced athlete and have only recently started attending a fitness club, you will have to work hard to see the first tangible changes. But it’s not enough to mindlessly perform all the well-known and effective exercises. In the gym, it is important to clearly plan the training process, work on the technique, review the diet, adhere to a certain schedule and regularly monitor current progress.

Make a plan

how to make workouts in the gym effective in order […]

Bench press: everything you need to know

Bench press lying on a horizontal bench is a universal basic exercise. It is performed to increase muscle mass or improve strength indicators. But in order to achieve results and see progress, it is important not only to monitor nutrition and not skip workouts. It is necessary to understand how to properly press the barbell lying down, taking into account the rules and safety precautions.

Working groups

Bench press: Safety technique If you use the correct bench press technique, you can develop […]

What to take with you to the fitness club: checklist


Are you going to your first workout and don’t know what you need to take with you to the gym? You definitely won’t make a mistake if you stick to a certain list. Then you will not have to suffer from dehydration, get bored and experience discomfort when using simulators.

Sports uniform

The first thing you need to take for training in the gym is a sports uniform. Preference should be given to special clothes in which it is convenient to practice […]