Getting back to fitness after a long break: 5 tips on how to start all over again

If you have not attended training for some time, after a long break, do not rush to increase the load. In order not to harm your health, you should properly organize the training process, tune in to work and not expect quick results. And for this it is necessary to follow certain rules and recommendations.

Make sure that you can already start training

If you were forced to give up physical exercises for health reasons, before you start exercising after a long […]

5 arguments in favor of street training against the gym


Sports activities in the gym have a lot of advantages: they are held in the most comfortable conditions, at any time of the year, regardless of the weather and air temperature. But recently, training on the street in Moscow has become particularly popular. This direction has more and more fans every year who have abandoned the usual gyms in favor of the sky, sun and air.

Vitamin D

Muscle pain, weakness, constant thirst and apathy are not a complete list of symptoms […]

10 facts about the benefits of stretching for women

Stretching is not only an opportunity to sit on the longitudinal and transverse twine. Such classes will help to develop joints and increase the amplitude of their movement. However, this is not all that muscle stretching is needed for. Being engaged in such a program, a woman can adjust the work of the reproductive system and even prepare for childbirth.

Increased muscle blood flow

Stretching is a mandatory component of any strength training. But experienced trainers who know what muscle stretching gives, […]